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Drug and Alcohol Use Statistics

This form contains treatment program information detailing the number of admissions for drug and alcohol treatment and the characteristics of persons admitted for treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at the state, and county levels. The source for 2001-2005 data is the CA Drug Data System (CADDS), and the source for 2006 through current data is the CA Outcomes Measurement System (CalOMS). Both datasets are from the CA Department of Alcohol and Data Programs (CA ADP). 2001-2005 data are reported by calendar year and 2006 through current are reported by fiscal year (2006 data is fy0607). Beginning 2006, variables not marked by an asterisk under "primary/secondary alcohol/drug problem" are included in the "Other" category.

Please note according to CA ADP, the lower values for Detox and NTP Treatment Types for 2006 and beyond are most likely due to the increase in the number of SACPA clients. The proportion of SACPA/criminal justice clients has gradually increased from about 20% of the total treatment population in 2000 to about 50% in 2007. SACPA clients may get treatment over non-SACPA clients and have very different characteristics. For example, as they often enter treatment from a controlled environment, such as jail, they don't require detox services. Also, many judges who refer clients to treatment prefer not to refer clients to narcotic replacement therapy.

See also archived data for 1992-2000.

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After 2005, categories not marked by an asterisk are
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*Small County Composite includes counties with less than 20,000 population:
Alpine, Inyo, Mariposa, Modoc, Mono, Sierra, and Trinity.

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